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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Engaged Accounting Approach?


The Engaged Accounting Approach is based on:

  • A commitment to the client relationship.
  • Robust essential services.
  • An exceptional suite of targeted solutions.

Engagement is not simply a connection between two parties but a meaningful, significant partnership with a common goal. The term denotes an active state of being, with both sides participating and contributing towards that goal. The foundation of such a partnership is, of course, communication and trust.

Why we love working with women.


There are a lot of reasons – but in order to keep it short, here is the most important one.

Women tend to have a more encompassing definition of wealth and success – one that goes beyond the bottom line. As a result, women set larger, more challenging goals for themselves. In order to meet this challenge, women need a very different type of relationship with their accountant.

We love supporting women on this journey, because we’re on that journey, too.


What does the Engaged Accountant-Client Relationship look like?


The relationship is based on open communication, listening, and thoughtful questions. Communication is ongoing – not just a meeting at year-end for tax prep.

The relationship is collaborative, never condescending. Both parties value each other’s expertise and we work together to reach the best solution for you and your company. We don’t talk down to our clients. We explain options and discuss the consequences.

The relationship is a partnership. It is built over time and based on shared expectations, respect, and results. We believe that amazing things can be accomplished when we surround ourselves with like-minded, positive people.

Why we don’t charge by the hour.


The standard model in accounting firms has always been hourly billing. We don’t believe this model is conducive to the type of relationship we want with our clients. That’s why we charge fixed & fair prices, broken down into affordable monthly payments. It’s a win-win – for two important reasons.

One, a fixed price provides you with unlimited access to your accountant. This means that you can contact us without having to worry about the impact on your next invoice. We get the benefit of more information about you and your business, which in turn means we can provide better, more relevant advice and customized service.

Two, a fixed price establishes trust. Objectives, deadlines, and expectations are agreed upon upfront. Best of all, there are no surprises when the bill arrives. We can focus on our work instead of tracking time. Meanwhile, you have the peace of mind that you are receiving the services you want at a price you can afford.


Are we a good fit for you & your business?


We provide a broad range of services that includes a focus on the essentials but also moves beyond traditional small-business accounting offerings.

The client who will most benefit from our services is a:

  • Female solo-entrepreneur;
  • Female-led business, which I define as a business where the Founder, CEO, or Co-CEO is a female; or a,
  • Female with a Professional Corporation


  • Generates annual revenue of approximately $50,000 – 100,000 (minimum).
  • Is looking to grow her business in a sustainable, systematic manner.
  • Has not yet found a trusted accounting and business advisor.
What services do we provide?

We provide an extensive suite of services that address essential accounting needs as well as a range of advisory and consulting solutions designed to facilitate growth and foster resiliency.

For more information, see our Services page.